Emacs customization

Yeah, I know Emacs sucks. But I like it.

I like this GNU Emacs for Mac OS X more than Aquamacs. I hate the OSX-ized experience of Aquamacs and I dumped it this morning.
In order to make Emacs works for me, I have to (heavily) customize it. My ~/.emacs grew to 41 lines and still counting.
List of customizations:

  1. Latest version of org-mode from package.el
  2. org2blog
  3. xmlrpc.el
  4. Turn off truncation of long lines for org-mode
  5. Octave-mode instead of Matlab mode
  6. Python-mode instead of python.el
  7. ESS – Emacs Speaks Statistics
  8. Color-theme, my favorite theme is clarity
  9. Default font to Monaco 18
  10. No blinking cursor
  11. Paren-mode to 1
  12. Not strictly Emacs customization – remapping the useless Caps-lock key on my MacBook keyboard to Ctrl. So that I can C-x C-f without moving my fingers away from the home row.


  1. deft
  2. git-mode
  3. Practicing touch typing

Ultimate GTD


I tried Palm, a Palm-based smartphone and GTDTiddlywiki for my GTD workflow. I finally find this one the most unobstructive and most useful – a binderclip with a bunch of A4 hard writing paper. This is a modification of my A4 writing pad.

Back to basic, less is more.

她是在東京居住的人。生活指數如此高企但她的目的是要在年底前儲USD 50K(不過她現在已經儲了30K),故此她要將一半的薪金儲起。

p.s. 今日eBay同高通宣佈業積,都不吸引。最吸引的反而是昇陽電腦,此公司近年已經近乎死亡邊緣,年年蝕錢。近年慢慢由SPARC到OpenSPARC到「煙頭」處理器,甚至將Solaris和Java開源化之後,今季竟轉虧為盈,好野。另一科技傳奇。實際上今次係靠勁layoff員工。不過我支持,當年Apple都係靠這一招翻身。我想,如果我們的公務員都可以layoff的話,可以慳不少錢。可惜這批鐵飯碗,炒不得。

A poorman distraction free desktop

Watch this screencast. It is good. At least I learn the hot-key to switch tab in Firefox is “Ctrl + Tab”.
All software mentioned in this screencast is somehow need money. I like Writeroom, but 2.0 is a shareware with a price tag of US$ 20. Desktopsweeper is a donationware.
I think the real poorman distraction free desktop is


Well, it is a little bit of poseur-ism.* But terminal with vi is a very promising replacement of Writeroom. If you want to learn some vi, type “vimtutor” in terminal. You can use “nano” as your text editor if you feel vi is too hard to learn.

* poseur, according to wikipedia, is “a person who adopts the dress, speech, and/or mannerisms of a particular group or subculture, generally for attaining acceptability within the group. ” It is usually used in punk, heavymetal or emo scene. I think there are some UNIX poseurs in HK. If you ask them about UNIX, they will go on and on about how cool it is, while giving little or no background about it. For UNIX poseur, they will talk about why Linux is not Unix all day long, why Unix is better than Windows or Mac OS while no insight on how to use them. They will not talk about how to use UNIX to acomplish common task (because they don’t know) They jumped into the bandwagon of UNIX because it is a sign of geekiness. I think I am a UNIX poseur too. The only UNIX god I know is Albert MC Tam a.k.a. al-beer. He is a specialist, as written in his name card.

p.s. Using a modern-day iBook G3 700MHz for vi is a sort-of “A-bombing the flies”. How pro it is.

p.s. To be exact, I am using VIM instead of vi. In Mac OS X, when you type vi, it will mapped to VIM. In Linux, when you type vi, it will mapped to VIM in vi emulation mode. It is not easy to use and very 80s. (e.g. It will not prompt you if you have been changed to “insert mode”)